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Thank you for visiting hi-tech website for Information Technology. Santanu Brahma working as a Software Engineer who lives in Kolkata, India. This website is developed as a unit of his technological innovation and research.

After completing of education Santanu has joined IT industry as a web based software developer and right now working as a software engineer in Open-Source Technology.

Santanu loves technology. As a software professional, he is most interested in software technology. He also much familiar with Modern Electronics and Computer Network.

Recent Activities

Axlator Messenger
is a Android Application for Smart Phone & Tablets as Bundled Packages for Storage Explorer, Instant Search & Process Cleaner with Widget & Options. Device Essential is maintaining by .
Technology Androapp
is a Social Communication Platform and Real Time Messenger for WebRTC based Text Messaging, Audio Call, Video Call, File Share & Screen Cast. Axlator Messenger is maintaining by .
Device Management
is a Global Technology Sharing Platform and Internet Identity with Portable Mobileweb, Android Application, Application Gallery & Knowledge Center. Technology Sense is  maintaining by .

Linux Architecture & Embedded Device is another area of interest. That's why he has started to learn Linux system very well and doing some experiments with Android operating system with small size devices. Right now he also involved with C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Flash & Flex based development with MySQL, PGSQL, SQLite for text chat, file transfer, desktop share, audio & video communications.

Modern technology with cloud computing is another trends. Santanu has started to develop web based operating system which can be operable from web browsers.