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Project History

Device Essential January 01, 2014

This is a android app hosted on google play with featuring multiple apps. Easy to use Storage Explorer, Instant Search and Process Cleaner with preferences. Storage Explorer is a folder and file manager for your storage with operations. Instant Search is most effective way to search anything with Voice and Gesture. Process Cleaner is a cleaner of your Primary Memory and can boost your device.
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  • V 1.1 # Septemeber, 2014: Process Cleaner added with this version along with few UI improvement and bug fixes. Process Cleaner can display to kill unnecessary process.
  • V 1.0 # February, 2014: Device Manager is a Android Application which is initially developed as a combination of two powerful feature i.e. File Explorer and Device Search.
Axlator Messenger January 01, 2012

This is a world wide communication platform which is owned by Santanu. This is based on Text Chat, File Share, WebRTC based audio and video call. Gateway application is a centralized data server and web-service provider. Visitor analytics system also deployed as a centralized visitor tracking. Centralized CSS, JS, and Image optimizer with asset compressor is deployed.
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  • V 2.1 # July, 2015: Minor UI and UX improvements, Few bug fixes, database stability enhanced and optimization for perfomance improvements.
  • V 2.0 # December, 2014: I have completly update the platform configuration system. Single application based configuration system implemented. Now data pull and push request(REST) implemented through Axlator Gateway. Several architectural update has been done.
  • V 1.3 # September, 2014: I have updated home screen along with quick join section introduced. Basic level web compression and optimization added in the platform. Alert system updated for public website. Web messenger updated with fully responsive design and compatibility. SSL and HTTPS service now enabled.
  • V 1.1 # September, 2012: Now disconnected with old Database and connected to new database which is deployed on Axlator Gateway. This is an architectural chanage and all old data removed from the system.
  • V 1.0 # February, 2012: This is a High-tech Messenger Platform which is owned and developed by Santanu Brahma. This is a fully responsive and compatible for every kind of tablet and mobile devices.
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  • V 1.0 # October, 2015: Android application for the Axlator platform launced with hybrid technology! UI modifications and a splash screen released initially.
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  • V 1.1 # July, 2015: UI and platform access completely changed as per the new standard and guidelines by the provider.
  • V 1.0 # December, 2013: Axlator Facebookapp is developed as a User Engagement application for Axlator Messenger. This is based on Social Network and hosted on Axlator Platform.
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  • V 2.1 # October, 2015: Database optimization to reduce system load and enhanced web-service perfomance is introduced.
  • V 2.0 # December, 2014: I have completly chnaged the database architecture, Intrdocued REST webservice gateway using Slim Framework. In this upgrade I have added new Visitor Tracking system with advanced technology. HTTPS(SSL) based support enabled in this version.
  • V 1.1 # September, 2014: Deployed updated database structure for complete network platform. New class based architecture introduced to handle various data services.
  • V 1.0 # September, 2012: Axlator Gateway is developed as a part of Axlator Messenger with Centralize Server. This is very basic version of Data Gateway.
Technology Sense January, 2011

This is my personal portfolio application based on multiple sub-domains. Main web app based on country and language based content management system. Web-service client is used to sync with centralized data service platform. Application Gallery was developed to demonstrate various app in live action. Knowledge Centre is based on a popular PHP CMS to share technology articles. Platform can detect and redirect to the dedicated app for mobile devices. An Android App also hosted on Google Play which is a web-view for mobile web.
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  • V 2.0 # December, 2014: In this version I have added my own framework with seperate configuration for this platform, Portable Website, Application Gallery and Knowledge Centre. Now this application fully connected with Axlator Gateway webservice.
  • V 1.5 # June, 2014: In this version I completely modified the application backbone stracture. Now seperate database was removed from the platform and added with centralized data server.
  • V 1.4 # December, 2013: In this version I was added geography based services with IP based country and language services. I was modified URL struacture with intelegent geo services. I have added user tracking system with this version. SSL certificate was added with this version including https weburl support.
  • V 1.1 # January, 2012: I have upgraded the overall design with better look and feel including Member Account section. Application Gallery and Knowledge Centre added with this upgrade as collaboration platform.
  • V 1.0 # August, 2011: I have launced the platform as a my personal portfolio. This was simple design and Jquery based website with few words about myself.
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  • V 2.1 # October, 2015: Better responsive UI layout introduced. Chnaged few UI elements.
  • V 2.0 # September, 2014: In this version I have upgraded the system with common configuration with centralized system. Now SSL(https) support enabled for Portable Website too.
  • V 1.0 # January, 2012: Tablet and Mobile version is launched with intelegent device detection technology. This is a portable webapp with Jquery based portable design.
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  • V 1.0 # January, 2013: Mobile and tablet based android application which is hosted on Google Play. WebView application which can display webpage from Technology Mobileweb.
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  • V 2.0 # December, 2014: Centralized configuration was added in this version. Now Application Gallery available with HTTPS(SSL) URL.
  • V 1.0 # January, 2012: Application gallery was launched as a demonstration platform. My developed few applications are hosted on this platform. Connected with common navigation system for overall platform.
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  • V 2.0 # December, 2014: In this version I was added common and centralized configuration. I was added SSL certificates with HTTPS URL support from this version.
  • V 1.0 # August, 2012: Knowledge Centre was intrdocued as a modern technology sharing platform. This is Wordpress based application with custom theme and extended support for centralized Commenting System and Common Navigtation.